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Keep on doing it…

Don’t get stalled, try something new!

This weekend I watched an adorable romantic comedy,┬áThe Decoy Bride, that I recommend only if you’re looking for something simple and sweet. As much as I enjoy watching David Tennant, it’s not exactly unpredictable. David’s character is a writer who is engaged to one of Hollywood’s top stars. He has written one book, a hefty…

Finding Focus

Some days my thoughts jumble together until I’m not sure what I feel and what I believe. On those days, words can be therapy. They smooth and straighten and sort, and suddenly things are clear again. What helps you focus?

Some Many Words

  HI there. Still knee deep in NaNo? Pounding at the keyboard in order to hit that elusive goal? (Well if that’s the case thanks for coming over here in the midst of your quest and I’ll make this quick and painless so you can get back to the writing.) My children are fighting again,…

Get Some Rest, Writers

Do you write certain times each day or in marathon sessions, foregoing sleep while the words are flowing?

Plot Notes

How do you develop your plot? Do you use your characters, story, or a theme?