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For this week, I gave you the word “core” and 450 words to explore any meaning of the word in a work of creative non-fiction/memoir or fiction. Link up below. The collection closes Saturday 11:59pm EDT. We’re looking forward to reading, and we hope you are, too. Remember, even if you don’t feel comfortable with concrit, pointing out something specific that you enjoyed is meaningful, as well.

Nancy leads off with memoir in Candlelight.

Cam describes a strange conversation in The Crux of It.


1 the earth’s core: center, interior, middle, nucleus; recesses, bowels, depths; informal innards; literary midst.
2 the core of the argument: heart, heart of the matter, nucleus, nub, kernel, marrow, meat, essence, quintessence, crux, gist, pith, substance, basis, fundamentals; informal nitty-gritty, brass tacks, nuts and bolts.


the core issue: central, key, basic, fundamental, principal, primary, main, chief, crucial, vital, essential; informal number-one. ANTONYMS peripheral.

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      April 28, 2012 | 11:18 pm

      Looks like you guys caught my mistake before I did. Thanks for putting my link-up in the right spot!

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